4 best cryptocurrency portfolio tools to use in 2020

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Are you investing in Bitcoin, and/or other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Ripple, Tezos, etc?

* Do you want to keep track of the value of your cryptocurrency holdings?

* Would you like to get notified when a cryptocurrency is dropping in price and/or increasing in price?

* Would you like to easily track all your cryptocurrency trades for various purposes, such as doing your taxes?

Well if you did answer yes to some or all of those questions then I think you should look into using a cryptocurrency portfolio app.

There are several different types of applications or services that you could use to track the value of your portfolio, track all your trades and keep you informed of any changes to your crypto portfolio.

And some of these tools can also help you sort your taxes out more easily. And automatically create your yearly tax reports.

So I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite tools, apps and websites that can do this for you.

These apps are useful for those who are interesting in holding your cryptocurrencies for the longterm, and for the crypto traders that engage in day trading.

Ok, let us explore the list of my top favourite crypto portfolio tools. There are a few different types of portfolio tools and apps on this list.

So you could potentially use more than one from this list, as they can serve different purposes. But overall these tools are great for any crypto trader/holder.

CoinTracking is a cryptocurrency portfolio tool/cryptocurrency tax tool combined in one. It lets you keep track of your cryptocurrency holdings, see the changes in price in your chosen fiat currencies, and track it over time.

Also when tax season comes it can help you automate your cryptocurrency trade tax history, and create tax reports for you.

This is a massive help for any cryptocurrency trader due to how cryptocurrency trades and investments are currently taxed in many countries.

It is different from country to country but often every cryptocurrency trade triggers a taxable event. So that could mean a lot of trades to go through if you bought and traded many cryptos over the year. But don’t fret tools like CoinTracking helps you sort this out for you.

In fact CoinTracking is the original cryptocurrency tax tool, and with one of the most extended use cases and features of all crypto tax tools.

But as mentioned you can use CoinTracking perfectly as well as your day to day portfolio tool. Here you can check price charts for all cryptos, an overview for all and individual charts, get extended Bitcoin and cryptocurrency statistics and much more.

Create several different types of tax reports, including FBAR

CPA help and consultation, and get a list of contacts for cryptocurrency-expert CPAs in several different countries

Crypto portfolio tracking, see total balance, balance changes, individual crypto holdings, fiat currency value, etc

Import your trades from every cryptocurrency exchange that has an API service or downloadable CSV files

Cointracker like Cointracking (different names and companies) is a cryptocurrency tax tool with a built-in cryptocurrency portfolio.

So that means you can not only use Cointracker for your yearly tax reports but also as your day to day crypto portfolio tool.

To get started using Cointracker you can sign up either for a free account or a paid version. If you want to make use of both its portfolio and tax tools then you need a paid version.

There are paid version starting from $14.

Cointracker is available both as a web version but also for mobile, with an Android and iOS app.

To track all your cryptocurrency trades and your overall crypto portfolio holding you have a few different ways of doing this.

You can for example:

Import trades via exchange API or manually via a CSV file

You can import your wallet information, from your hardware Ledger, Trezor or Keepkey devices, or via the public cryptocurrency wallet addresses

So if you are planning to do your crypto taxes yearly and you also want a great portfolio tracking tool then I would highly recommend you checking out Cointracker

Import your all your cryptocurrency trades from exchanges via API or manually via CSV file

Share with a tax professional. This is a handy way of sharing your trades and reports directly with any tax professionals that you might be using

Portfolio tracking tool, follow the changes of your holdings and view it in any popular Fiat currency

With more than 5 million users Blockfolio is probably the most used and popular cryptocurrency portfolio app of them all.

It was definitely the first one to become globally so popular. Helping crypto-users to keep track of their holdings via a simple and nice-looking app.

The main features of Blockfolio is of course to track and see your overall crypto portfolio. All done from your phone.

Additonal services and features of Blockfolio is the ability to set price alerts, so that you will never miss an opportunity or trade.

And the direct crypto news and updates from the different blockchain projects from Blockfolio Signal.

What is cool is that you can connect Blockfolio to other communication tools like Slack, so that you can get signals and price updates there also.

Blockfolio is available for iOS and Android.

Portfolio tool and tracking, see the value of all your cryptocurrencies directly from this easy-to-use app, with value, trade history, price changes

News and updates from Blockfolio Signal, stay up to date with your favourite blockchain projects and the crypto industry

Set price alerts for any cryptocurrency, stay in the know with your holdings or coins you want to buy/trade

Slack integration, your favourite communication tool can now be used together with Blockfolio

After Blockfolio there was Delta. With the rise of cryptocurrency interest and with the interest in tools like Blockfolio more competitive cryptocurrency portfolio apps was launching. With Delta soon becoming one of the most popular ones of them.

This had a lot to do with their improved UX/UI and striking visuals. It was super easy to use, perhaps even better than Blockfolio but it also looked great.

Blockfolio has sincve gotten a makeover but Delta remains perhaps the favourite here amongst crypto traders and hodlers.

So if you want an app with support for any and all cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency exchanges in an iOS or Android app then go for Delta.

With Delta you can connect with your wallets and exchangest to get your crypto data, holdings and trades.

Delta Direct which is similar to Blockfolio signal where you can get news and updates from the teams behind your favourite cryptos.

Set multiple portfolios, which can be handy for having a separate trading portfolio with your holding portfolio

Track all your holdings and seeing the value change for all your cryptocurrencies

Set price alerts and always stay in the know of the prices

News and updates from your favourite coins and tokens

Now, which of these tools or apps should you go for? Well I think they could be used for the same purpose. As in managing your assets and getting an overview of your portfolio holdings and any changes to it.

But truth of the matter they are different types of tools. So most of us used them for separate purposes:

* Blockfolio and Delta as your day to day cryptocurrency portfolio tool

* And Cointracking + Cointracker as your overall cryptocurrency tax + portfolio tool

But the choice is yours. We can suggest you try them all out and see which one you prefer.

You don’t need to go for the paid versions for Cointracking and Cointracker. You can try it out without it, to see if you like it.

Per Englund – Founder of Go CryptoWise a cryptocurrency and tech fan that want to see better and smarter products and services that make our lives better and easier