Brits take to social media to show off their disastrous at home haircuts | Daily Mail Online

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As the country goes into lockdown and all non-essential shops and salons close, people are turning to the scissors and razors to give themselves home makeovers.

And with Boris Johnson declaring all hairdressers shut in a bid to slow the spread of coronavirus, many are attempting to do their own hair at home, often with disastrous results.   

From malfunctioning mohawks to funky fringes, many fuelled by the boredom of isolation are discovering it’s not as easy as they think to cut their own hair.

Here, Femail looks at the biggest hair do fails from skin fades gone wrong to uneven ends.

Daniel Rundle, from Durham, said he was glad he was self-isolating after his girlfriend Sophie gave him a skin fade, which went very wrong

Matty MacGregor, shared a photo of his home cut mohawk, saying he’d joined the trend at home

West Ham fan Tom Williams said his hair was ‘real good’ after attempting a skin fade at home haircut

Gala Stancev, from Yarm in North Yorkshire, shared a series of crying emojis over her disastrous ‘do

Martin Stevenson from Dundee shared a photo of his buzzcut gone wrong to Twitter 

Jar shard others sentiments saying he ‘knows the feeling’ of a bad haircut showing his half-done fade

Lara, 22 made an unfortunate error in cutting her fringe.  In what was undoubtedly an attempt to make the hair more workable by wetting it, she’s inadvertently cut a massive triangle into her hair

Tommy, 22, looks as if he may have racing stripes cut into his hair, as it comes down into a bizarre point at the end

Ollie, 22, seems to have some kind of mullet growing, with his hair varying lengths throughout

Matt, 20,  also attempted to do a skin fade before releasing it’s an acquired and practised skill 

In an attempt to get the lockdown look, Harry, 23, tried to give himself a bowl cut but ended up with a lid-like hair style

Jim, 20, appears to have a shortened version of a bowl cut, with a very short fade on his head

An unnamed lady took to Instagram and wrote: ‘Good morning faux hawk?! #bedhead #quarantinehair’

Elsewhere  Fardid admitted he was in need of a barber, writing: ‘Quarantine day 3: Tried to cut my hair with immediate regret’

Max from England wrote: ‘Day 8 of quarantine and I decided to try and decided to cut my own hair as barber has also gone into isolation, it did not go well, but it could have been worse. Improvements will be made in my next attempt in a few days.’

Brits take to social media to show off their disastrous at home haircuts

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