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It’s extremely important for authors trying to grow a platform and particularly an email list, to have an outreach strategy in place to attract their ideal readers.

An outreach strategy means you position yourself where you can be seen by leveraging the audiences that other people have already built, rather than scrabbling to build one of your own from scratch.

So, instead of spending time blogging on your own site if you’re not getting any visitors, go where the people are – ideally, your people. This is a great way to build your readership!

If you have done your homework on who your ideal readers are and know where they are hanging out online and the content they are consuming, you can head straight for those blogs to pitch yourself as a guest writer.

If you don’t yet know where you should be guest posting, a little bit of research can go a long way.

There are a couple of things to consider when looking for the right blogs to guest post for.

First, you want to look for blogs where your ideal readers are consuming content. Your goal, after all, is to find new people who will love your books.

Second, you need to look for blogs that accept guest posts and have a decent following, to make sure it’s worth your time pitching them. Bear in mind that if you’re just starting out you don’t want to only pitch authority blogs, as they are much harder to land posts on.

It’s often easier for non-fiction authors to find relevant blogs. You’ll simply look for other blogs that talk about your topic, or a related topic.

For example, if you write about mindset for professional athletes, you could guest post for a blog that covers nutrition for competitive athletes. Your post may talk about the effects different foods have on your state of mind.

Fiction writers may pitch other authors’ blogs. You could offer a review of another book in your genre, talk about your writing routines, or even share an interesting research trip you took.

Alternatively, fiction writers can also pitch non-fiction blogs. For instance, you could pitch fitness blogs with a post about how to fit in exercise when you write all day, or how to avoid wrist pain when you type a lot. You could pitch time management or productivity blogs, personal development blogs, or business blogs that want to know how you fit an author business around a day job or what you look for in a virtual assistant.

These blogs may not be a perfect fit – the readers won’t all have an interest in your books – but fiction readers are everywhere, not only reading blogs about their type of fiction. If you get yourself in front of enough people, some of them are going to be your ideal readers.

Once you have some topic ideas in mind for blogs, you can use Google to find blogs that accept guest posts. Try searching [Your Topic] + [Guest Post] or [Your Topic] + [Write For Us].

If you already know some blogs you want to try, search for guidelines for submitting guest posts or contact details for the blogger or an editor. Some sites won’t have a ‘Write For Us’ page, so have a look to see if they publish guest writers. If they do, it’s worth sending them a pitch.