London On Da Track Asks Fans To “Name A Better Duo” Than Him & Summer Walker—And Social Media Has A Field Day – The Shade Room

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Fans are still in an uproar regarding the disturbing video of R&B couple Summer Walker and her producer/boyfriend London On Da Track. In an effort to apparently shift the narrative, London recently posted a photo of the two and asked a question that brought a wave of shade on social media.

As we previously reported, Summer Walker and London On Da Track posted a video to Instagram of London choking her. Many fans were very alarmed at the video footage, while others noted that the two were merely playing around and he wasn’t harming her.

In the video, London grabs Summer’s neck and when she tells him that it hurts, he refuses to let go. She then tells him to stop, but he continues to keep his hand around her neck. That’s when he tells her to say that she loves him, to which Summer responds, “I love you. Get off me.” However, he still doesn’t let go and brings her closer to him and says, “Give me a f**kin’ kiss.”

Fast forward to the present and London posted a photo to Instagram of himself siting between Summer legs with the caption, “Name a better music duo.” It didn’t take long for the responses to flood in, with social media users leaving comments of practically every legendary duo in existence except for himself and Summer.

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Meanwhile, they both continue to deny any abusive activity going on in their relationship.

Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?