The Ugly Side of Book Blogging That Bloggers Dont Share – Me Otherwise

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Books have been reviewed by critics for centuries now. Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy and O. Henry- Oh yes, they have all had their share of critics too. I would probably consider these critics to be the earliest forms of influencers in a world that was far more simpler, where people looked up the local daily and publication for opinions before making that purchase. With the advent of the World Wide Web, such influencers have grown and evolved into what we may call as book bloggers.

It’s been five years for me as a book blogger and I have learnt much more than I expected to. Trying to be as humble as I can, I must say that these years have been rewarding in every single way- yet again, much more than I expected. There have been failures and disappointments- I am not going to deny that. But someone special once told me that failures are nothing but minor setbacks. We must rise above it all.

And yet there is the other side of blogging- an ugly side- that successful book bloggers seldom talk about. I am listing them out here, based on my personal experience.

You have read up every resource online, tried every practical tip out there, generated quality content one after another. Yet, your blog fails to garner your expected response and reaction. Things often feel worse, when you find  mediocre content making its way up to the top. It is at such moments one feels like winding it all up. But….. hold on is all I can say! It’s tough to stay on, but giving up is no solution. We often start on our blogging journey when we are in pursuit of a passion. Sadly, I have often noticed many failing to stick on after a year or so. The inclination to persist dwindles away. Blogging is a time consuming activity and one needs to look at it with a long term perspective. If you have this vision, then surely rewards are plenty.

You can make money with book blogging, however it takes lots and lots of effort. The options that exist are affiliate marketing, sponsored posts and ad revenue. But for all this to generate a decent revenue, you need to have a high rate of page views. Yes, you read that right. You need to up your traffic considerably to begin earning from your book blog.

Sounds way too cliched’ but every business needs to have one. Simple things like having a blogging schedule in place could do wonders to string together beautiful blog posts and ideas. It may just end up taking your blog to a higher level.

Book blogging is a journey on a long road. It requires a hell lot of patience and dedication.

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