What Is the Best Blogging Platform to Make Money in 2020?

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What is the best blogging platform to make money?

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Guest Author Jennifer Martinez tells you how to make money blogging in 2020. I will answer the question, “What is the best blogging platform to make money?”

Here we go.

Have you ever thought of starting your own blog? Believe it or not, what started for many as a simple hobby has turned into a highly lucrative business providing either a sole income or a generous supplement to their current one.

Despite its simplicity, it isn’t as easy to make money from blogging as you might think.

It takes years of dedication, an endless supply of engaging and high-quality content, a strong understanding of SEO and a digital marketing strategy to help get you noticed. If you’re concerned about a lack of traffic to your site, I recommend website audit service* to help you, click the link to find out more.

So, if you’re prepared to dedicate a lot of time and effort into making your opinions, experiences, and advice a popular blog, then you could certainly earn money from it. But how is it done? How do you earn money from a blog?

Read on to find out how.

You’re probably familiar with affiliate marketing on websites and blogs, but you don’t even know it! Affiliate marketing is where links to certain brands and other companies are used within your blog content.

When a visitor to your blog clicks on that link, they are taken through to the affiliate company’s website. When they make a purchase, you get a commission from the sale. Affiliate marketing is a perfect fit for many bloggers, as it fits in seamlessly with their blog and doesn’t require any aesthetic adjustments or changes.

Got space on your blog? Banner ads are a simple, yet effective way to make money from your blog. Banner ads are usually found at the top of the webpage or down the side. You can earn money from CPC, which is a cost per click agreement. This means you get a commission every time a reader clicks on the ad. It’s that simple!

If you are interested in making money with ads that aren’t banner ads, you can. Basically, these are ads elsewhere on your blog like on your sidebar.

Many bloggers opt to use Google AdSense to monetize. My guest author happily used this method of monetization and wrote a review of Google AdSense for my readers.

Another option for you if you are interested in making money by having ads on your site is through Media.net.

Media.net uses the Yahoo/Bing advertising network while Google Adsense uses Google’s ads. Here is a Media.net tutorial.

One of the most popular ways for bloggers to make money is by writing specifically about a product or service from a company that they’ve made an agreement with. These ads are essentially advertisements about their products.

If you’re a fashion blogger, for instance, then a particular brand of jewelry may approach you to write an article about their new range and how you might style it etc. This kind of advertising is usually done by bloggers who have a large following and a strong online presence.

What is the best blogging platform to make money?

I see that question or questions like it get asked often on Quora.

Many Quora users answer the question. Every person on Quora answers with the same response, “WordPress.” Runner-up Content Management Systems included Tumblr and Wix.

Here you will find information about how to use Tumblr.

I asked Instagrammers if it’s easier to make money with WordPress or another Content Management System.

Google’s CMS, Blogger, was mentioned, but the writer advised against blogging at Blogger with the warning, “Blogger is dying.” That prediction was made in 2016 and Blogger is still here.

Someone did recommend monetizing with Blogger as a first-choice CMS, but that was in 2015.

On a personal note, I have used both Blogger, WordPress.com, and WordPress.org and found the easiest opportunities to monetize come with WordPress.org.

I actually heard WordPress.com has rules against monetization and the site can shut your blog down if you try. For that reason, I left WordPress.com and moved to WordPress.org. Have I made money with my blog? Yes!

If you want to see all the ways I monetize, check out my Contact page. I’m also an ebook author and I advertise my ebooks on my blog.

Bloggers should have a multitude of income streams. WordPress.org is the best blogging platform to make money for me since I’m allowed to vary my income sources.

One question remains unanswered: What are the Best Types of Blogs that Make Money?

My guest author wrote a post about competitive niches. In the post, she shared the best types of blogs that make money.

Here they are:

* Travel Note: The travel industry is taking a huge financial loss during the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak.

The best blogging platform to make money in 2020 is WordPress.

In closing, what do you believe is the best blogging platform to make money? Why? I look forward to your views in the comment section.

Readers, please share so other bloggers wishing to monetize discover the best blogging platform to make money.

This post was about making money with your blog. If you are interested in making money on social media sites, check out this article on Social Payments.

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