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Winter Abc or Winter Blogging Challenge is a 30 day blogging challenge organised by Afrobloggers every year in the month of June. African Bloggers take part by blogging on 30 selected topics to achieve 30 days of 30 blog posts. Check out the 2019 WinterABC topics.

* Winter ABC aims to help African bloggers to pick up on their blogging momentum. It is most likely that many will have began to wane on the blogging resolutions they made when the year began.Building blog traffic. Blogging everyday brings a lot of loyal traffic to ones blog.

* Networking. Many bloggers will be writing and sharing on the same hashtag, this will create a movement from which bloggers connect with other bloggers setting the platform for future collaborations

* Peer to Peer learning. Many bloggers will be blogging about the same topic everyday but presenting it differently based on their own experience and unique perspective. There is more to be learned by bloggers who observe how others are approaching and presenting the same topic

* Awareness,Advocacy and Lobbying. Afrobloggers takes this opportunity to encourage African bloggers to blog about issues affecting their communities. Other bloggers will read and share with a wider audience hence creating a powerful impression on a worthy cause.

* A time of Testing. Blogging everyday seems impossible to many bloggers. WinterAbC has time and again helped bloggers to go beyond their comfort zone by awaking them to what is possible with discipline determination and good time management.

* A chance to explore other Countries. The topics will ensure that fellow bloggers learn about each other’s countries, culture and social lifestyles. This is to improve tourism and Cultural exchange which is necessary for educating Africans about Africa.

All Africans can participate. New bloggers can take this opportunity to start their blog on a high note with 30 exciting topics. Established bloggers can use this chance to lure new readership by spicing up their blog exploring subjects outside their normal blogging niche .

* Suggest topics for WinterAbc by emailing your suggestions to Afrobloggers.

* Take up the challenge. Once the topics have been announced you can commit to posting something on your blog, podcast or video channel. Ensure your post is about the topic of the day. Share your post using the WinterABC official hashtag

* Promote and Encourage participating bloggers by reading their work, commenting and sharing with your own audience.

The only rule is that you stick to the topic of the day and share your posts with the Hashtag WinterABC.

There is so much to be gained by joining this challenge.

* Learning how to manage your own time. While you are expected to publish everyday you will find days when this may clash with your other important activities. You shall learn about creating time to blog or maximizing your time by blogging topics in advance when you have time then scheduling them for future publishing.

* Networking. This is a great time to meet bloggers from other African countries. Follow the hashtag WinterABC and mingle with awesome bloggers. This opens up chances for future collaborations on other projects

* A chance to shine. Here is a chance to show how creative you are. Your voice will not be drowned because you are drawing your inspiration from your own unique experience and circumstances. Everyone is eager to see how you can tackle the topic differently.

* Fun time. You can do this as a group. There is fun in competing, see who publishes first everyday? See who lasts the mile and most of all discuss each other’s perspectives on each blog post.

* Consistency. Going to the gym everyday builds mettle, muscle and endurance, so will blogging everyday. It will oil your creative mind enabling you to blog even when you are facing the bloc.

* Learning about yourself and your audience. Study your analytics, notice which blog posts brought much traffic. What did you do differently? Was it the topic or the way you presented it? Because you will be blogging on topics that straddle niches you might discover a niche that best suits you and your blog.

* Win The Afrobloggers People’s Choice Award .We have reserved The People’s choice award category in The Afrobloggers Awards for blogs that take part in the WinterABC challenge. Eligibility:Publish on 80% of the WinterABC topics. Nomination is by other bloggers.The blog with the most votes walks away with the award!

* Publish on 80% of the WinterABC topics.

* Nomination is by other bloggers.

* The blog with the most votes walks away with the award!

It happens that some learn about the challenge when it is already in full swing. You can still join by either publishing to catch up that is starting with the day 1 topic or by starting on whatever day you decide on.

Topics are announced 10 days before the challenge begins that is on the 22nd of May every year. This is to give you ample time to research and pysc up your mind for the month ahead.

Share this article with your blogging friends. Challenge them to see who lasts the mile . There is growth and fun in going beyond your comfort zone! Winter is coming, are you ready?